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  2015 Annual Report 

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November 1, 2015

Dear Community Members:

Thank you!  Your support has gone a long way toward improving the lives of children and families in our community.  Thanks to you and your support of Graham Children’s Health Services, children in this community have a better quality of life, and have a greater chance of growing into a healthy future.

We need your help to continue this work.

I hear over and over again how impressed people are that Graham Children’s Health Services can get so much done with such a small budget and staff.  It is impressive, indeed!  With support from you, we accomplish great things. We run our programs extremely efficiently, with administrative costs kept low.

Your contribution to our Annual Appeal is a critical investment toward the health of children and families in our communities.

I want to share with you one of the fun stories of our work.  This past August, Graham Children’s Health Services collaborated with South Toe Elementary School and NC High Peaks Trails Association to repair and expand the walking/running trail at the school.  This trail is heavily used by students and staff, and also by the larger community.  Along with adult volunteers, all of the students got involved with the project, and now have a sense of ownership and investment in the trail. They want to be walking and running on the trail.  While the students are having fun, they are also improving their health and developing lifelong healthy habits.  Here’s what the students had to say:

“I liked that I was helping the school. I liked shoveling. I liked working with other kids. I love the new track.” G. – 2nd grade student

“Now the track is better than ever and the whole school is using it.” L. – 3rd grade student

“I think that the trail project was a great influence on kids to do the right thing, not because of just their benefit but because of everyone’s benefit. It was cool that not only the kids, staff and parents came to help but also other people from the community came.” – L. 4th grade student

In addition to the South Toe Trail project, other projects this year include:

·       Completion of 9-hole Disc Golf Course

·       Racqueteers Summer Tennis Camp – FREE for local children

·       Drug Take Back Day and distribution of over 100 drug lock boxes

·       Burnsville Fit Families 5K

·       Cougar Fit Club – after school program for Yancey high school students

·       Students Taking Active Roles (STAR) Program – after school program for Mitchell middle school students

We also continued our community collaboration to provide healthy food for families who depend on free and reduced lunch at school and Head Start to feed their children during the school year.  With the incredible support of over 400 volunteer hours, the Summer Food Program again delivered 500 boxes of food staples, fresh and local produce, healthy recipes and children’s books.  The program has a meaningful impact on the families who receive the deliveries:

“My kids loved the corn and would wait for it to come. On the day it did, they would eat it all that day. My littlest one was always trying to negotiate how to get more than one helping from his older brothers & sisters.”

“One of my children has a chronic illness which means I have to be available at all times, so I don’t work. This puts a huge strain on us financially – even with the food stamps I receive – so these food bags were really helpful this summer. The children would know the bags were coming and would wait at the door and want to check what vegetables & fruits were there. They particularly like the apples and cucumbers, and we loved the chard and could have eaten much more. I wish we could have it all year.”


Graham Children’s Health Services is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by local health care providers and concerned citizens who believe that a community is best able to assess and address the needs of its own people. For almost 20 years, Graham Children’s Health Services has been supporting the health of our community’s children and their families.  We have consistently and effectively brought our community together to create innovative programs and infrastructure to battle childhood obesity, improve child and family health and fitness, and increase effective community responses to the challenges of alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

Your financial support is vital to keep our organization running.

Won’t you make your gift today?

Your tax-deductible contribution will enable Graham Children’s Health Services to continue to improve the lives of children and families, as we work together to make a positive impact in the community. Enclosed you will find a contribution envelope to be returned with your donation, and a copy of our 2014-2015 Annual Report for a more detailed picture of our work.  You can also make a secure, online donation on the home page of our website at  Your generous support will go a long way in helping us with our mission of health and wellness for all our children and their families!



Schell McCall                                                                          Oscar Weinmeister

Executive Director                                                                  VP – Ambulatory Development, Mission Health

Graham Children’s Health Services                                       Chair – Graham Children’s Health Services

PS – Your support of Graham Children’s Health Services is a guaranteed way to directly improve the lives of children and families in our community.  Thank you!


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