Activity Guide

Yancey County Activity Guide

The evidence is mounting and is more convincing than ever! People of all ages who are generally inactive can improve their health and well-being by becoming moderately active on a regular basis.

There are a lot of opportunities to be active in Yancey County. We hope this activity guide will help you find ways to make your life more active and have fun!

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Biking, Camping, Camps, Canoeing, Classes, Fishing, Fitness, Golf, Gyms, Hiking, Horseback, Hunting, Parks, Paintball, Playgrounds, Rafting, Skateboarding, Skiing, Swimming,  Tennis

Tips for Getting Moving

Park the car farther away from your destination
Take the stairs instead of the elevator
Walk the dog
Play with the kids
Take a fitness break—walk or do desk exercises—instead of taking cigarette or coffee breaks
Dig in the garden
Do home repairs
Exercise while watching tv
Join a walking/biking/hiking group

2014 Activity Guide